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Epoxy/Poly Floor Coatings

The solid colored concrete epoxy flooring is an attractive yet strong alternative to standard grey concrete!

This system provides a colorful, stain resistant surface that is attractive and easy to clean and maintain. This is the perfect option for a good looking, cost effective colored concrete floor.

Warehouses, auto service centers, to food processing plants, anyhwere you need a durable easy to clean, cost effective floor, the epoxy floor coating is a perfect choice!!

Our process utilizes 100% solids, low odor epoxy and a polyurea top coat if needed. All of our floors are installed over properly prepaired concrete to ensure lasting results. Solid color epoxy floors are great for chemical and abrasion resistance as well as being easy to clean and maintian. Choose either a high gloss or satin finish, with an option to add bands, borders, designs, or logos if desired. When applicable slip resistant additives are also available.

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