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FAQS About Concrete Flooring

Are concrete floors cold?

Yes, concrete floors can be cold, but so can any other flooring, such as hardwood, granite, or tile. However, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Since, concrete has the ability to radiate heat, installing radiant heating cables will eliminate that cold feeling on your feet. Concrete also absorbs solar radiation, so it may be beneficial to install large windows as well.

Are concrete floors hard on the feet?

Yes, concrete is hard, and doesn’t give cushion for your feet, but thats when rugs come into play. You can still have a nice polished and smooth concrete floor, just add rugs to benefit both your feet and the appearance of a home or office. Concrete is hard, but not harmful to your feet. Concrete is also beneficial to offices, especially with abundant foot traffic.

Are concrete floors loud?

Concrete floors can produce somewhat of an echo effect, however so do other floor materials. The more fabrics, rugs and couches you have in the room, the less of an echo you may receive.

Are concrete floors slippery or moist?

It is possible to have moist or damp concrete flooring, however this only happens when they aren’t insulated properly. Today, contractors are required to install a vapor barrier underneath the concrete to prevent this from happening. Concrete floors can be very slippery when wet, but no more than other flooring material and high-gloss sealer might prevent traction a little.

Is it expensive to get decorative patterns?

You’ll be saving money already, by resulting to concrete flooring, compared to that of slate, marble and tile. Concrete tends to last longer, so money will be saved, avoiding repairs and reconstruction.

How long does it last?

If the concrete is installed properly and maintained regularly it should last a lifetime. Concrete flooring very rarely needs to be repaired or replaced.

Does concrete flooring crack?

Yes, overtime, concrete flooring has the potential to crack, however this does not happen that often. Most people don’t seem to complain because it is hard to notice when you add decorative patterns, and/or they like the overall appearance.

Is it easy to maintain?

The amount of maintenance your flooring will need primarily depends on the traffic it receives. A simple sweep or damp mopping is necessary when maintaining concrete floors. If they start to lose their shine, polishing sealer or cleaners work well and floor mats in a doorway also help to prevent wear in the floors as well.

Is concrete flooring pet friendly?

With technology soaring each and every day, new flooring materials are processed, standing up to all the effects a pet has on flooring, such as clawing, biting and accidents. Concrete flooring is beneficial to those who have pets because they resist pet stains and odor, are easy to clean, don’t trap fleas and tics, are nontoxic and scratch resistant.