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CFC- Concrete Floor Coatings, Inc. is a leading Orange County based concrete polishing, decorative concrete coatings and concrete restorations contractor. We offer a wide assortment of innovative commercial, industrial and residential concrete resurfacing applications and restoration services. Including Concrete Polishing, epoxy/polyurethane systems, chemical staining systems, solvent and water based concrete coloring systems, architectural concrete sealing systems, polymer overlayments, deck waterproofing systems, micro toppings, decorative saw cuts, stenciling, stamping, and more…

Concrete Polishing Assoc of America SYSTEMS PERFORMED AT CFC:

  • Colored Polished Concrete Floor System
  • Clear Industrial Polished Concrete System
  • Solid Color Epoxy Floor System
  • Clear Industrial Look Epoxy Floor System
  • Standard Chip (granite look) Epoxy Floors
  • Premium Chip (granite look) Epoxy Floors
  • Epoxy Rock Systems (blended colors or solid)
  • Pool Deck Restoration Systems
  • Skip Trowel Overlayment System
  • Broom Finish Overlayment System
  • Decorative Saw Cut Systems
  • Power Wash and Floor Seal Systems
  • Stained and Sealed Concrete System
Crossfield dex-o-tex Factory  Trained Installers Deck Repair/Water Proofing Systems:

  • 1 Hour Fire Rated Acrylic Lath System
  • Fiberglass Mat System

Concrete Moisture Remediation Systems:

  • Testing (meter, calcium chloride, core)
  • Emission Moisture Stoppage Systems (epoxy based)

Concrete Floor Prep Systems:

  • Floor Coatings Removal
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Shot Blasting
  • Scarifying
Coatings Pro Magazine CFC Concrete Floor Coatings was featured in CoatingsPro Magazine! See the article here

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a highly sustainable, long lasting flooring solution for homes and commercial businesses. This type of flooring can be used with the already existing concrete slab of the property, requiring no other tile or material. The concrete is ground, smoothed and taken to a shine with high-grit polishing tools, giving it a pleasant look. Some of the benefits of using polished concrete include: Long lasting: They can last for many years, often times 100+. Durable: They’re extremely difficult to scratch, dent or damage in any way. Clean: There aren’t mold problems with this kind of floor, and cleanup with soap and water is easy. Beautiful: The concrete mixture known as the “aggregate” can have many different elements and combinations to it. This gives the floor a unique appearance that is visually pleasing. Polished concrete can be done either by using the existing concrete directly, or using a layer of topping slab. For more information on how we can service you with concrete polishing, give us a call us at 949-215-0900 for a free...

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