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Concrete Polishing & Color Staining

Polished concrete is the most durable flooring system when compared with typical flooring finishes.  It requires very little maintenance which basically amounts to weekly washings with an auto scrubber and water. When compared to other flooring finishes, their respective maintenance schedules and serviceable life spans polished concrete is the least expensive flooring system to own. Since the floors only need to be washed with water, the waste can go directly into a sanitary drain without any soap or chemical residuals.

Polished concrete can be colored using dyes or new slabs can be poured with integral color and then polished. The results of each process is very different in final appearance, but it is important to note that concrete can be dyed or poured in a wide variety of colors to match any color scheme.

We can transform your garage, retail store or office building’s existing concrete into a durable and stunning floor which has the look of stone or granite with concrete floor polishing.

It’s such a unique look that you will say, “It must be stone- not concrete!”

The Polished Concrete surfaces in the photos below have no surface coating and the existing slab was used. The concrete itself is the finish. Our high shine is created by first chemically treating the concrete to harden the surface and then the surface is polished. The mirror finish is created by using “diamond technology” and upon completion, your concrete floor is stronger than the before. The look generated is like a piece of granite or stone.

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Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing:

Very high shine & superb protection

Virtually Maintenance free

This is not a coating, so there is no more chipping or peeling

More affordable than marble or granite installed

Achieves various reflectivities as desired