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How To Enhance Concrete Floors

Sweet XO concrete polish epoxyThe smooth and lustrous surface of polished concrete is composed among a ravishing array of designs, from coloring and scoring to exemplifying grids, bands and borders. Today, the most popular designs used to enhance polished concrete flooring, include stains and dyes.

Some examples of popular colors and patterns include the following:

  • Stain: Stained concrete flooring amplifies a different shade of color to the existing flooring. The appearance of stained concrete provides a prominent and distinguished sense of durability, while also displaying an innocent and angelic look.
  • Dye: Dyes offer a collection of vibrant colors, which can often be more powerful than chemical staining. This application is both convenient and essential. It is quick and easy, and the outcome looks absolutely exceptional.
  • Plain Gray: Most people prefer a more traditional, simple and natural look in their home or offices. A nice polished gray gives a room a simplistic, yet professional and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Scored or Patterned: In addition to coloring, polished concrete can display multiple and different customs. These customs include scoring, engraving and stenciling. These designs and patterns add a less simplistic value, but create an attractive and inviting environment.

Concrete Polishing AfterWith more people wanting to improve their flooring, more contractors are taking advantage of the growing market by installing polished overlays, which are used to cover up problem floors to create a smoother texture. However, these installations are viewed as an economical alternative.