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How To Maintain Your Polished Concrete

polished garage floorEven though polished concrete is constructed to have a substantial, yet durable surface, it will eventually wear down and start to lose its shine. This is why the surface needs to be maintained, so that it doesn’t lose its shine and conserves its magnifying exterior. Since polished concrete requires no waxing or sealers, it is much easier to maintain and take care of.

Daily maintenance is necessary to keep floors looking clean and polished. This includes dust mopping, to avoid an accumulation of dirt and wet mopping, using a cleaner rather than water, for a more efficient clean. If these simple tasks were completed each day, the polished concrete floor will only continue to shine each day.

The most recommended cleaner used for polished concrete floors are neutral-ph cleaners, which are offered through companies such as “Mr. Clean.” Neutral-ph cleaners are recommended because other cleaners contain substances that may deteriorate or dull the concrete floors. Floor pads are also recommended to prevent scratching and other damages.

Traffic and usage of the floor also play a huge role in how often it needs to be maintained. Of course high-traffic will require a more consistent cleaning.

Simple Tips when Maintaining Polished Concrete:

  • Dust mop daily with a microfiber pad to avoid dirt particles that prevent shine.
  • When wet mopping, make sure to use clean water and clean mops, as well as the neutral-ph cleaner.
  • Clean spills and stains as quickly as possible, so that it does not absorb into the exterior.
  • Give the cleaner time to soak in before wiping away, so that you will get a much more efficient clean.
  • Lastly, do not let the cleaning solution dry on one spot; it is important to wipe it down to avoid color