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Polished Concrete Overlays Are Fast, Effective And Beneficial

Concrete Floor OverlayAs contractors continue to produce polished concrete flooring, displaying a ravishing high-glaze finish with simplistic maintenance, more and more office and commercial buildings become attracted to and desire this ideal flooring image. Today, it seems like more contractors are installing polished overlays rather than polishing existing concrete floors. The disadvantages of polishing existing concrete slabs involve extensive patchwork, as well as limited custom and application preferences.

Benefits of Polished Overlays:

Polished overlays are often used to cover up imperfections of flooring, whether it’s a blemish, bubble or stain, smoothing it out, leaving a dazzling, glossy and reflective floor. However, consumers also use it to enhance their existing floor with fancy and decorative patterns and saw cuts.

Many commercial buildings find it beneficial, when clients come into to a nice polished and professional setting. Other consumers are quite content with this quick installation. Most people are surprised with how fast this project takes. Contractors get in there, do their job and leave you with a lifetime of satisfaction.