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The Metal Lathe Waterproofing System is a multi-layer, protective coating designed for decks/balconies above grade. The system utilizes a resin-modified cementitious base coat embedded into wire lathe. Once the base is prepared, the system adds two coats of our waterproofing membrane followed by our synthetic resin modified cementitious coatings to form an attractive wearing surface.


This system is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic on decks, ramps, walkways, etc. It can be applied to wood, magnesite, concrete and most other surfaces or substrates needing a waterproofing and/or a class “A” fire resistant protective coating.

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Waterproofing slab advantages:

Low Cost

Roll or Spray


Good Tensile Strength

User Friendly

Freeze Thaw Resistant When Cured

Ease of Application

Water Based — Green Friendly

Application Process:

Waterproofing In-Between Slab:

Is a unique latex water based coating which forms an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with excellent bonding characteristics to most building materials. Designed for BELOW GRADE or IN-BETWEEN SLAB applications.

Perfect For:

ICF Building

Basement Walls


Block Walls

Retaining Walls


Superior waterproofing

Highly resistant to fungus/mildew

Waterbase – environmentally safe to use and apply

Easy to apply-no special safety apparatus required

Superior bonding 
High impact and abrasion resistance

Cost effective-minimal down time

Superior freeze/thaw resistance